We figured it was about time to emerge from the bowels of 2016…

This week thousands of people took to the streets of Bristol, and the rest of the country in protest, and solidarity. The words that come out of that mans mouth now are almost insignificant in the sense that…Whoever he targets, they unify so many in disdain. All over the world.  People, coming together to show that this is not how things should be. The streets were alive. It was pretty amazing. It’s so easy to feel like you don’t have a voice… let this remind you.


Photo by Deejus


So yeah that happened! And we done another podcast.


1) Thought Forms – Aeaea
2) Courtney Askey – Old Friends
3)Radian –  Blue Noise Black Lake
4)Mirapid – Strings For Synth
5)Iyabe – Metacroc
6)Yo No Se – The Sleeper Awakes live at the old E
7)Kayla Painter – Seed
8)Tobias Brugge +Matthew Grigg – An Airless Field
(for Bill Nace)
9)Dogeyed – After The Fire
10)Port Erin  – In My Way
11)The Dead Astronaut – Corvus
12)Bridget Hayden – Fires For Sorrow


This is probably the least themed podcast to go out on all Hallows Eve. But its here now so… stick a couple of baked potatoes in the oven, close the curtains, eat all the haribo and take solace in the fact that in only a few days… we’ll be setting fire to stuff.

We had some great submissions for this one… too many to fit into one show!

1) Iceman Furniss Quintet – 180716
2)LICE – Gentlemans Magazine
3)Hi Fiction Science – Mathematics
4)TEN – BD
5) Run Logan Run – Phoenix
6)Hysterical Injury – Woken With A Warning
7)The Brackish – Loggins Breakdown
8)Men Diamler – Blood Red Limousine
9)Falling Stacks – Wild White Hare
10)Longstone – Kabuki
11) Chris Cundy – The Nun

Thanks so much to all the bands/ artists who sent over tracks. and to everyone who’s taken the time to have a listen.

It’s here! Our first podcast…

With this being our first one and all.. We wanted it to be a bit of a statement of intent.. We plan to make this a regular series.. either monthly or something semi regular in order to play some great alternative , experimental music from Bristol and beyond. Basically anyone who we love.. and who are doing something different.

The name “the void” came about for a generalisation of the internet.. coupled with the more underground nature of the things we are into.. it just seemed to make sense.

For this edition, The tracks have been selected and mixed from our favourites that are pushing out new music, playing locally and some exclusive recordings from artists we are working with.


1. Charivari – Purge
2.Twin – Messiah
3. Burl – Leyt
4. Landslide Purist – Nearly Beloved
5.Iceman Furniss Quintet – Live Recording from Old England July 2016
6.Kayla Painter – GAGA
7.Deej Dhariwal – And The Sun Sets
8.Theo – Another Deterioration Phenomenon
9.Stereocilia – Lost In The Ether
8.Bridget Hayden – Shipwrecked
9.Fever Dream – Fragile 2
10.Repo Man – Let’s See The Sun Sink With Fatigue
11.Microdeform – 20th Nov 2015 Live recording extract
12.Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan – She’s In My Mind.

Huge thanks to all the artists, labels and everyone who’s supported us in putting this podcast together.  If you would like to have a track featured on a future podcast, please feel free to contact us,  or upload directly from the podcast button in the main site menu.