It’s here!

Vena Cava’s Entropy EP is out now on CD + Digital download/Streaming

GUITARS…..…..LOUDER… PEDALS SET TO STUN…CREATING WALLS OF GUITTARIFIC SHIMMER blasting melody and noise onto a different orbit!

There’s an intricate interplay between the psychedelically embued sprawls, dreamscaping vocals, and an almost post-hardcore attacking rhythm section, this is high octane stuff, not to be messed with lightly.. dive in, if you dare, you will catch the sonic-waves and soar.

You can also buy/stream it at iTunes here

Since setting up the label, the support we have had from people in Bristol and the South West has been awesome. The podcast has allowed us to reach further with submissions coming from all over the UK and abroad now too.

We did an interview with Adam Burrows for his last feature as editor at Bristol 24/7’s music arm. Having played in bands before, aswell as running his own label, he’s been helping spread the word about Bristol music consistently for years. We were really pleased when he suggested getting together. The feature can be found in the February 2017 print edition which you can pick up for free at various news outlets. You can also read the full interview on the B24/7 site here



We are pleased to say that our first release, a split single is coming out on the 16th December 2016

A. Charivari – Purge
AA. Iceman Furniss Quintet – 180716

It will be available from the bands, You’ll see them playing live all the time in Bristol / Bath so go check em out!

We will also have some copies available through our website, and a few good record shops going forward!

Its been a real journey getting this up together, for everyone. but a good one!

We feel proud to have been able to work with so many friends on this project. From the musicians/ production/ mixing / mastering to the artwork, design, print. All within a local network of talented creatives working together to push new sounds.

We have been blown away by the amount of support we have received so far, Thank you to everyone involved thats been a part of making this happen. we have some pretty interesting plans going forward, so keep yr eyes peeled.

A launch night/ party / piss up in in the works for January.. with some awesome music lined up.. news coming very soon! X

Well.. Here we are..

Its taken us a little while to get there but we are pleased (finally) to open our website and start filling it with all kinds of nonsense mixed with some useful stuff .. and of course some good music.

We are Noctone.. A new independent record label based in Bristol UK.

Founded in 2016 based on a mutual love of all things noisy Noctone aims to be an output for a diverse range of experimental music. Our feet firmly placed in Bristol but with an aim to reach out to anyone who’ll listen with something a bit.. different. Sometimes something you might not expect. Unpredictable, Uncompromising, Uneasy listening of the best kind..

We have some pretty exciting things to come 😉