The Void Four..

July 1, 2017

Better to be late than dead on time right?

We have hit summer and this years been a crazy one! Since our last podcast in February we have worked on a number of projects including the release of Vena Cava’s banger Entropy! For this one alongside our usual submissions and recordings. We asked Kayla Painter to curate a playlist of 5 tracks that she loves and introduce them for us. She’s picked out some awesome stuff, and a real insight into her musical mind!

We hope to have more Artist guest playlists soon!

This ones a bit of a longun, Heres the tracklist

–Part one–
1. Vena Cava – Avalerion
2. Springbreak – Flies
3. MXLX – Weapon 1
4. Spaces Between – There is Nowhere
5. Butter City Poster Boys – We don’t need to argue
6. Kayla Painter – We miss you on earth

–Kayla Painter Guest Playlist–

7. Laurie Anderson – O Superman
8. Julianna barwick – Nebula
9. Ian William Craig – Drifting to void on all sides
10. Kiasmos – Drawn
11. Nihls Frahm – For (Max Cooper remix)

–Part Two–

12. Vena Cava – Oyster Boy
13. It Blinked – Carpet Stars
14. Poisonous Birds – I understand but i still think you’re wrong
15. Borgesss – Darkest Blue
16. Dot Product – Planet For Transients

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in tracks and continues to support us. Special thanks to Kayla for taking the time to compile the playlist for us. This one was a lot of fun to make. More soon..

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