We figured it was about time to emerge from the bowels of 2016…

This week thousands of people took to the streets of Bristol, and the rest of the country in protest, and solidarity. The words that come out of that mans mouth now are almost insignificant in the sense that…Whoever he targets, they unify so many in disdain. All over the world.  People, coming together to show that this is not how things should be. The streets were alive. It was pretty amazing. It’s so easy to feel like you don’t have a voice… let this remind you.


Photo by Deejus


So yeah that happened! And we done another podcast.


1) Thought Forms – Aeaea
2) Courtney Askey – Old Friends
3)Radian –  Blue Noise Black Lake
4)Mirapid – Strings For Synth
5)Iyabe – Metacroc
6)Yo No Se – The Sleeper Awakes live at the old E
7)Kayla Painter – Seed
8)Tobias Brugge +Matthew Grigg – An Airless Field
(for Bill Nace)
9)Dogeyed – After The Fire
10)Port Erin  – In My Way
11)The Dead Astronaut – Corvus
12)Bridget Hayden – Fires For Sorrow


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