This is probably the least themed podcast to go out on all Hallows Eve. But its here now so… stick a couple of baked potatoes in the oven, close the curtains, eat all the haribo and take solace in the fact that in only a few days… we’ll be setting fire to stuff.

We had some great submissions for this one… too many to fit into one show!

1) Iceman Furniss Quintet – 180716
2)LICE – Gentlemans Magazine
3)Hi Fiction Science – Mathematics
4)TEN – BD
5) Run Logan Run – Phoenix
6)Hysterical Injury – Woken With A Warning
7)The Brackish – Loggins Breakdown
8)Men Diamler – Blood Red Limousine
9)Falling Stacks – Wild White Hare
10)Longstone – Kabuki
11) Chris Cundy – The Nun

Thanks so much to all the bands/ artists who sent over tracks. and to everyone who’s taken the time to have a listen.

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